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5 Must Ask Interview questions And How To Answer Them (part 1)


5 Must Ask Interview questions And How To Answer Them

Never go into an interview blind , grab an idea of the most asked interview  questions and understand what the interviewer is actually  looking for when such a question is asked ,his intentions , his views and what he/she  is expecting to you to say. this article also gave sample answers to the toughest job interview questions and mistakes most of us are likely to make when answering these questions. here is the 5 must asked interview questions and how to answer them

  • What Can You Tell Me About The Corporate Culture?
  • What Can You Tell Us About Our Company?
  • What Changes Would You Make If You Came On Board?
  • What Interests You Most About This Position?
  • How Well Do You Work With People? Do You Prefer Working Alone Or In Teams?

1.What Can You Tell Me About The Corporate Culture?

An example of positive answer to this question could be like this:

In ABC Company, we have always been dedicated to helping our customers get excellent customer service. For that reason, our corporate culture revolves around creating a positive, flexible environment for our employees that helps them exude optimism to our clients. We expect 40 hours a week of top-notch customer service and hard work. To help our employees, we allow workers to work from home several days a week, and provide a supportive work environment that gives them breaks, vacation, and sick leave to keep up employee morale.

When you clearly outline the company’s culture, the candidate will understand the demands of the job and the benefits of working at the company. This understanding will help the interviewee to characterize how he or she will fit into the company’s structure. With honest, upfront answers, you avoid downstream surprises that can affect the long-term retention of employees.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

When answering this question, you might begin by talking about religious or cultural diversity in the organization. Although this might be helpful, this is not what the interviewee is really asking.

  • Do not exaggerate work schedules or hours to weed out the weak candidates.
  • Be careful not to talk about numbers of different types of cultural identities of the company.
  • Avoid only describing office outings or parties that are outside of the “work” culture.
  • Do not say negative aspects of the company culture.

When you do not exaggerate work requirements and do not overemphasize perks of the job, you provide a balanced description of the corporate culture that will be useful to the candidate.

2.What Can You Tell Us About Our Company?

When you’re asked this popular question in an interview, the interviewer is gauging your interest level in their company. They are essentially making sure that you didn’t just randomly hit “apply now” on several businesses’ online applications and then hope to get interviewed at as many as possible.

With this query, you are able to show that you are interested in working for them and them alone by giving them a well thought out and honest answer.

Keep your answer strong, honest and confident by keeping with the bones of this sample response:

My favorite thing that I’ve read recently about your company was in the latest issue of this acclaimed newspaper where they gushed about your amazing mission statement and desire to help your local community. I am constantly in awe of the superior products that you put out and know that I would make a fantastic asset to your company that’s already expanded into 5 different states.

Sharing your in-depth knowledge of their company’s convictions doesn’t mean you just list out random facts. You can hit that question out of the ballpark with a genuine admiration for and excitement about their business.

3.What Changes Would You Make If You Came On Board?

When you’re asked this question by your interviewer, you probably feel like they’re trying to trip you up. While this may be the case, the real reason behind this question is their search for reasonable action.

Your hiring manager asks you questions to figure out more about you and what your actions will be once you’re employed with their company. With this question, they are wanting to see if you will come in and shake things up, if you’re looking to sail into the position with a smooth transition and if you can give solid reasoning for why you want to do either of these things.

Sample Answer

An exceptional response to this difficult question could be something like this:

As I’ve researched both your company and this potential position, I’ve had a few great ideas that I would be excited to implement depending on current company plans and strategies. No matter what you need me to do, I’m excited to jump in with both feet and work together as a team.

Don’t forget that this question is helping the interviewer get to know you, your personality and ambitions better.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • Every interview question has certain traps that you should avoid falling into. Keep your feet on solid interview ground by avoiding these ones:
  • Don’t give a vague, “I’m not sure” answer; keep your response direct.
  • Try not to over-strategize to the point that you come off fake and dishonest.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions if you aren’t quite sure what they’re looking for; let them know that you’re motivated to researching and finding out what they need.
  • Don’t forget to show your ability and desire to work as a team and fulfill your position well.Even if you’re unsure of exactly what changes you’ll make, making things up without researching will only hurt your cause.

4.What Interests You Most About This Position?

The person interviewing wants to know that you are interested in this job specifically and not just picking up any job you can get. By asking this question, they are making sure that you understand the job description and are applying because you have qualities and experience that is relevant to this position.

Sample Answer

A great sample answer addresses specific traits and qualities of the job and the company while showcasing your experience and how it applies, like in the following example.

What interested me most about this position was the opportunity to work with first generation college students. I have always had a keen interest in education and as a first generation college student myself, I can appreciate the value of working hard to achieve educational and career goals that are emphasized in your mission statement.

The most important thing to remember when answering this question is that they want to know you want that job and not just any job. If you apply for and get a job that you want, you will be more likely to stay long-term.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • Avoid doing those things that will make you appear disinterested or unknowledgeable about the job and company.
  • Avoid acting unsure. Do your research about the company and the job going in and you will project enthusiasm and confidence.
  • Do not give generic answers that were not mentioned in the job posting. Avoid giving canned answers that you think apply to any job.
  • Don’t act disinterested. If you do not seem interested in the job, this is going to be clear to your interviewer.
  • Don’t focus all your answers on you. You talked a lot about you in your cover letter and resume. Now is the time to show the company what you know about them and what you bring to them.

5.How Well Do You Work With People? Do You Prefer Working Alone Or In Teams?

When an HR professional asks specific questions to determine your candidacy for a position, they may ask you “If you are a people person”, or “How well do you work alone or with others”

It may seem as if the interviewer is trying to decide if you are a team player, however they are really looking for more specific information as to how well you’d blend in with the company’s culture and position you are interviewing for. They want to know more about your social style and how you interact with others at work.

Sample Answer

The example below is a good way to respond to the question:

I work well with others and value their presence and contributions when working on collaborative projects. After all, we all need to be able to work together to succeed. I am also very approachable and always willing to help and support my coworkers when needed.

Keep in mind that the interviewer’s goal is to find someone who is flexible in their ability to work alone and with others

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Employers are looking for candidates that are well-rounded and able to handle themselves professionally and appropriately in any type of social situation.

• Do not be judgmental or critical of others.

• Try to avoid negative language. Instead use words, such as challenge or problem when describing tough situations and people.

• Do not describe yourself as someone who cannot handle themselves or conflict when necessary.

• Do not get carried away with your response. Your response should be concise and relevant to the position you are interviewing for.

If you have encountered conflict when working with others, let the interviewer know. But be prepared to do so in a positive manner that shows that you like people and enjoy working with them.





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