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5 Common CV Mistakes To Avoid


A curriculum vitae (CV) is a piece of document that houses all other necessary document with reference to your experiences,achievements,qualifications and skills in order to secure your dream job.

If your CV is not properly written,it reduces your chances of securing a job and this so because your are rather careless or present your CV inappropriately.These flaws are the major reason why you don’t get call backs after submitting your CV to your dream job.

Don’t worry,Job Finder Africa crew have got your back,we have come up with list of no no’s,by that i mean red flag on your CV.

List  Of Common CV Mistakes To Avoid

  • The Little Lies : 

Always remember,your CV reflects your personality and worth,its gives you an identity towards your recruiter who is an absolute stranger and ever ready to go defensive once they spot any irregularity.This is the more reason why you have to be as truthful as possible.

However, do not include a qualification and work title that you know nothing about. Saying exactly what you are or have (qualities, previous salary, grade level, skills, etc.) presents you as an honest person and that could be just what the interviewer or employer needs to approve you as the best fit for the job.

  • Errors On Grammar : 

You should this tip already,its expected as a graduate that you would posses a flawless use of grammer. Therefore,Do not ruin your chances of getting a job by any error in grammar, spelling, or expression. So do make sure you check and double check your CV for grammatical errors or better still,get someone else to do this for you as well.

  • Enlisting Of Referees:


Unless  called for, do not, for any reason, list a number of referees, consumes quite a lot of space in your CV. Better state that ‘References will be presented on request’. Preferably too, list your references on another sheet of paper for evaluation by the employer.

  • Expressions :

On no condition should you use words or phrases like ‘several’, ‘a few’, ‘many’ in your CV, which are not definite enough. They can only make your CV unclear and hence, become unacceptable to your interviewer.

Especially when you are meant to state the years of work experience, mention exactly the number of years, designation or role, and nothing more. Perhaps, you made significant sales in your previous employment, state precisely the figure or amount for your interviewer to know that you are sure of your responses, and that you are not faking it.

  • Leave Out The Irrelevant :

No employer has all the time in the world to check through your CV; they scan through your CV within a minute or less. So, do not fill it with needless information that would only jeopardize your chances. Data like religion, height, weight, etc. should be excluded.



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